All-mouth dental arches using All-on-4 technique
with a contract that guarantees results and personal support
from one of the best dentists in the country
In the shortest terms
Without jaw bone remodelling surgery
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90$ For free
starting from 4400 USD in Ukraine
Why All-on-4?
Easier treatment
planning and prognosis
Lower risk
of complications for
the patients
You get the dental bridges from the first days of the treatment
The most well-tested
and relatively affordable implantation technique
In 12 years, 800 patients have come this way of getting a new smile
What are the steps to your dream-smile?

How does the All-on-4 treatment work?
  • You will be presented a preliminary treatment plan, an approximate cost of the procedure and estimated time frames of the whole process.
At this stage, you have to undergo two procedures:
  • CT scan (computer tomography)
  • Make a dental cast (dental mould)
If you have a CT scan, you can send it to us for examination.
You can do it in your city, in Ukraine. Both procedures are painless and rather short. I can recommend several clinics that offer such services.

Virtual model
As a result of the examination, we will have a virtual model of your jaws and dental arches that will help us prepare for the surgery.
Virtual model
At this stage, you will get a very clear idea of how the treatment process will look like and what you are going to get as a result of it.

You will also have a final price of the surgery calculated.
Arrival to Lviv
It is one of the most beautiful historical cities in the country.

The duration of your stay in Lviv has to be 7 days. During this time, we will do all the necessary procedures and embed your temporary dental bridges.
The surgery
While you are under anaesthesia that puts you to an asleep-like state, we are doing the surgery using innovative technology – surgical templates for dental implants positioning.

At this stage, we will place the temporary dental bridges so that you don't experience any discomfort.
Returning home
You go back home for three months. This time is enough for the implants to fully integrate with your jawbones.
Replacing temporary teeth with permanent dental bridges
You come to Lviv again and we replace your temporary teeth with beautiful long-lasting permanent dental bridges.

This time, you will have to come to Lviv for 12 days. Beside treatment procedures, you will have lots of free time to explore Europe, if willing.
I personally will provide medical support for you. Always, at any time. If you ever have any questions or need additional consultation, I will stay in touch with you and will be ready to help.
Nazar Hlushko
Is one of the leading specialists in Ukraine

  • 12 years of experience in dental implantology;
  • Director of a dental clinic with more than 800 patients;
  • He has been learning from the best professionals in the USA;
  • Author of numerous online and offline courses on dental implantology that have been completed by more than 1000 students.

Our clinic – our team!
years of practising dentistry
grateful patients
of successful implants integration
Training centre
Not only do we always keep learning and mastering our skills, but also share our knowledge with others.

Therefore, we have created a training centre that has already prepared more than 1000 specialists.
Private clinic
Our clinic is a fruit of a family business that was started by Roman and Halyna Hlushko – a couple of dental prosthetists. The professional growth of Roman and Halyna began in 1980 at governmental institutions.

Then, there was a study in Canada, Germany, Poland and, as a result – the foundation of a small but productive private clinic, that is now headed by Roman Hlushko, Nazar Hlushko's father.
Clinic's certificates and awards
Our efforts haven't been unnoticed – high-quality services and attention to details gained recognition of international organizations and dental equipment producers.
What is the price of implant installation using the All-on-4 technique?
For one jaw
For two jaws
✔ Primary diagnostics
✔ Temporary teeth insertion surgery
✔ Permanent teeth insertion
✔ Pre- and postsurgical support
✔ Guarantee of contractual quality
✔ Primary diagnostics
✔ Temporary teeth insertion surgery
✔ Permanent teeth insertion
✔ Pre- and postsurgical support
✔ Guarantee of contractual quality
*Reduced prices apply only if clinic is contacted via this website
What is the price of analogous surgery
in the US and Western Europe?
for both jaws
US $40 000 - $50 000
instead of $8 800-9 200 at our clinic
for both jaws
Europe $20 000 - $25 000
instead of $8 800-9 200 at our clinic
Frequently asked questions
1. Is the procedure reliable?
Absolutely. All-on-4 is the most reliable technique for implanting the entire jaw due to the use of a stable trapezoidal design.

Only at our clinic more than 800 patients underwent treatment using this technique, and our experience combined with modern equipment allows us to achieve 97.5% implant success rate.

This technique is used by leading implantologists around the world.
2. Who can I reach out for help in case of questions or problems?
We provide you with full support from the first contact till the end of the postoperative period. The warranty period for installed implants is 3 years, but we always go beyond this period, providing virtually life-long consulting support.

After the first contact via the website, you will receive my personal phone number (Nazar Glushko), which can be used for video-, audio- or text communication with me. We can use mail as well. I stay on call almost all the time, so you can count on my help 24/7.

For me to contact you, leave a request through the form on the website or via online chat in the bottom right corner.
3. Can I get tested in my clinic and send you the results for further evaluation?
Yes, you have such an opportunity. You can get a tomography at the medical center in your city and send me it's results. After evaluation of the tomography results, I will hold a consultation with you, at which you will find out the exact cost of the surgery, and you will get a chance to see the final result of the surgery on a virtual model.
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Clinic work schedule:
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