Tooth preparation for indirect restoration
Dentist with 16 years of experience in restorative dentistry
Online-course for dentists, dental-students and interns
Author – Vitalii Naumov
Step-by-step online course that will give you clear step-by-step protocols for preparing teeth for indirect restorations
Module 1: Crown preparation – abutment shape

Module 2: Crown preparation – with shoulder and without, deep immersion under the gum

Module 3: Crown preparation – occlusal surfaces

Module 4: Crown preparation – anatomical technique

Module 5: Silicone key and its use to determine the depth and direction of preparation

Module 6: Preparation done for the dentures, implants and bridges and the preparation of the vital teeth

Module 7: Preparation for veneers of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd groups such as: window-veneers, incisal, cut back veneers and lapping preparation covering up the oral or occlusive surfaces

Module 8: Preparation tools and equipment starting from compressor up to bur

Module 9: Restoration after endodontic treatment

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Сertificate of the course completion

Additional practical webinar with an analysis of your works and answers to questions
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